About Mayur

Mayur Tendulkar is Program Manager on Xamarin team at Microsoft India and is a proud Punekar. He calls himself MAD – Mobile Application Developer. Before joining Microsoft, he was awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional on Windows Development and worked as Developer Evangelist with Xamarin. He is writing mobile applications since the days of Windows Mobile 5.0 and love to talk about everything mobile. You can find him talking at conferences, user group and working on his hobby apps on Git. His co-ordinates are @mayur_Tendulkar and for git: mayur-tendulkar. You can follow his thoughts here on his blog: http://mayurtendulkar.com

You can contact him at: mayur.tendulkar {at} gmail.com

4 thoughts on “About Mayur”

  1. Very good morning sir. I am Abhishek Chatraband from PES College of Engineering, Aurangabad. I have attended your session of mobile application development in MIT Aurangabad under CSI . I on behalf of PES College want your precious time for delivering a Seminar on Windows Mobile Application Development in the month of February or March.


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