Diwali Gift: Sanskrit Shlokas – My Windows Phone App



Behind this application, I had two motives.

  1. Sanskrit is very old language. This language has priceless collection of Subhashitas & Shlokas, which indeed has a great meaning. Unfortunately in the current era of English as a business language and various languages spoken at different states in India, hard to learn Sanskrit is missing its place. This app is just an attempt to share the great content in this language and keep it alive. This is just a first version, with few Shlokas. However, I’ve already started working on update to this application, which will have more content and more features. There may be some mistakes in the content or the meaning provided in this application. In this case, do write to me on my mail id mayur.tendulkar {at} hotmail.com and I’ll be glad to rectify those errors.
  2. I wanted to understand the gotchas in Windows Phone 7 app development and the MarketPlace submission process. And I’m happy that I had a nice experience with this application submission and testing process. Pretty well.

During this application development, I surfed internet for Sanskrit content and I landed up on www.samskrutam.com, which has a great collection of Sanskrit literature. I ‘m really thankful for their content.

I hope, you’ll like this application. Do let me know your feedback on this (positive or negative).


Mayur Tendulkar | www.mayurtendulkar.com

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Mayur Tendulkar

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