I Love Windows Phone–My new HTC 8X

I Love Windows Phone. Before WP, I was and I am still in love with Windows Mobile – only the best (and I still believe) mobile OS till now. I had HTC Touch and i-mate SmartFlip devices.  So, when HTC released Mozart, I and few of my friends ordered it at very high rates and with just 7 day warranty!. Now it’s been ~3 years that I’m using it. However, this device still works and looks like a charm. Never hanged, never crashed and never gave sluggish response. For me, the basic required functionalities and apps were there. However, there was some annoyance about transferring files and some notification fails.

So, I wanted to upgrade. Upgrade to next WP release and here it is. HTC 8X. One of the most beautiful phones out there. A slim-trim-power packed device. You can read the full specs here.


There are some very nice (some asked for and some proactively provided) features included in this release of WP. And here is a quick shot. Here, I would like to point out some of the best features I liked about WP8. For rest of them, click here

01. Direct file transfer from Windows Explorer


As you can see, you can just plug-in your device and it appears in your Windows Explorer. You can transfer any kinds of files just like you do with your devices. Yes, it was most awaited feature and I’m happy that finally it is here. Plus you can set your own ringtones [though I hate personal ringtones other than the default ones. Sometimes it is annoying]. Find more information here.


Also, there is new sync software for Windows 8 users. This one is pretty good to transfer audio/video and images. Still, I would prefer ZUNE anytime. And trust me ZUNE is ANYTIME better than iTunes. iTunes sucks.

02. Indic Support

I’m from India and many of my friends (even my mom) would need Marathi (Devnnagari/Indic Script) to use some of the phone features or browse the net. WP7 didn’t had that functionality. But with WP8, you get it here


03. Total Device Backup

Finding your phone and wiping the data is a nice feature. Remote wipe was there since Windows Mobile days and the legacy was carried forward to WP as well. However, with WP8 you get total backup of your device.


04. Notifications

WP7 had notifications like Toast, Tile and Badge. But for me it was hard to get notified with apps like Skype and WhatsApp. With WP8 you get these notification directly on lock screen and as well as on start screen if you’ve pinned that app. Not a single notification missed till now Smile


05. Offline Maps

With Nokia, you get Nokia Drive and other beautiful navigation apps. With HTC, the choice was limited. However, with WP8 you get offline maps to download (and I think, they’re Nokia Maps). So, you can roam around even if you don’t have good net connectivity.


06. Start Screen Personalization

Well, there is nothing new as such. Live tiles were there before (in WP7), but now you get multiple sizes and it really helps you to personalize your start screen. It takes approx 15-20 mins to customize this screen, but it can be highly productive in long run. Plus, the colors and design are so lively/fresh that I can’t get bored of it. There are many people who feel the same. It is not like a dead icon on other platforms. You can see, how all my important apps/social network apps/mails are just one tap away.



As I mentioned above, there are many new features like Kid’s corner, Wallet, Office Integration and much more. You can get more information about all those features click here.

However, with technology, there can’t be something enough. There will be always a new core in chip, always a new functionality in OS and always a requirement for an app. I know it will take time to grow with Windows Phone, but whatever I’ve, I’m loving it. All my required apps, functionalities are well fitted in this release of WP. For upcoming features, well, we’ve next version coming up. And this time, your device will upgrade to it. Smile


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