Mango Update: A glimpse of Emulator

I’m really impressed by the new release (although Beta) of Windows Phone i.e. v7.1 (code named Mango). You can always get complete list of What’s available in this release from here and here

I liked most of the features and I’ll blog about them in sometime. However, to get started, I would like to show you a new Windows Phone Emulator to generate curiosity :)

With previous emulator, simulating geo location (GPS Data) and Accelerometer data was a pain. There were *hacks* but getting those working was another issue. Hence, with this release of emulator, you’ll get all brand new tools – out of the box.


Apart from that, this emulator gives Background Services (yes, now we can do multi tasking using Background Services) and full new Internet Explorer browser. So, with this release of Mango, Windows Phone emulator will be able to test : Device peripherals, Processor, RAM, display, and graphics processing unit (GPU), Persistent data store, Web services, Networking, Media playback, Keyboard input, Deployment experience, Tombstoning, Location data and Accelerometer data

emu2 emu3

There are so many features and I just can’t explain every bit in just one blog post. We’ll cover those features in next few blogs.

Till then, enjoy Mango (SDK v 7.1 Download Link).


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