Windows Phone 7 Webcast Series

Trust me friends, the next big thing is mobile. Nowadays, everyone (Yes, I mean everyone, even school going kids) are using mobile phones, may be for taking pictures, listening to music, playing games, sending text messages (SMS) and sometimes even to call friends.

Apart from that mobile devices are also used for business reasons, like sending/receiving mails, updating/querying sales records at field, checking medical records at health-care centre and what not.

And obviously, mobile application developers will need to build such solutions. But building mobile solutions is a challenging task with so many platforms, so many devices, restricted screen resolutions, bandwidth issues and many more challenges.

Microsoft Windows Mobile, made mobile application development much easier. Developers can choose their preferred language (VB/C#) and start building mobile apps. That too in a managed environment of .NET Compact Framework.

With Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has come up with a new platform for mobile devices. This platform is aimed to provide rich user interface using Silverlight and same managed environment using .NET Compact Framework.

To kick start Windows Phone 7 development, with Pune User Group, I’m hosting a 7 session webcast series. These webcasts are going to cover almost every ‘practical’ aspect of mobile development on Windows Phone 7. So, for next 7 Weeks, 7 Hours, enjoy the 7 hot topics about Windows Phone 7

The complete list of sessions and dates can be found at:

Apart from that, PUG with Gouri Sohani will be hosting a series of webcast on VS2010 ALM:

I hope, this will help you to learn more about these latest technologies.

So, lets meet online for these live webcasts.


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