WP7 Developer Tools Beta–Installation Experience

On July 12, Windows Phone team released Windows Phone 7 Developer Tools – Beta. You can find more information about it on their blog (refer links at the end of this post).

However, when I uninstalled CTP tools and tried to install Beta version of the same, I received lots of error messages. Even after uninstall, some tools or some registry entries were present in the system. This problem may persists if you uninstall these tools in incorrect sequence or some other versions of VS (for example RC) or Silverlight (4 Beta) are installed side by side. Following figure shows, tools to be uninstalled and the order of it.


If you’re having the same problem, here is the solution.

From Control Panel > Programs and Features select Microsoft Windows Phone Developer Tools – CTP. After its initialization, try to repair the installation. This will repair and correct the CTP installation. Once you have your CTP installation ready.

After this go to Control Panel > Programs and Features and remove the same tool. It will uninstall the tools and remove all entries. Once you’ve done this, start Beta tools installation. This should work.

Following are the resources which you may refer to install the latest tools:

I hope this will help you to kick start your WP7 Development.


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