Windows Mobile LOB Accelerator

Yesterday (5th Feb 2010), I delivered a session on Microsoft Windows Mobile Line of Business (LOB) Solution Accelerator 2008 at Microsoft Architect Days, St. Lauren, Pune.
Microsoft Windows Mobile LOB Solution Accelerator is an end-to-end sample application, written entirely in Visual Studio 2008 using C#. This sample application showcases many technologies and concepts behind Windows Mobile, like – using WCF Services, making ‘adaptable’ WM applications, using MapPoint Web Services and much more.
You can find presentation here, on the same page. Whilst, to get started with LOB you’ll need following resources:

0. PowerPoint Presentation:

1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (Team Suite (90-day Trial)
Please note: Microsoft SQL Server CE 3.5 will get installed with this release.
2. Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 SDK

3. Microsoft Windows Mobile LOB Solution Accelerator

4. Microsoft patterns & practices – Smart Client Guidance
You may also need following software titles:
5. Microsoft Sync Services Framework

6. Microsoft SQL Server 2008

This will help you to get started with building Windows Mobile applications OR to integrate mobile-client into existing mobile applications.

Soon, I’ll share screen-cast on this sample application.

Thanks for attending Microsoft Architect Days and making it ‘one more successful event’


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