Must Read Guest Post – Electrical Concepts in Bollywood

I always wanted to share this story with you all. The story is about the analogies, or to be precise Latch-On, I’ve made for electrical concepts. This happened, when I was pursuing my Diploma in Electrical Engineering, on a Teacher’s day, one of my teachers asked me to teach something to the students. And rashly, I thought of this story and everyone liked it. Now, I always make such latch-ons for everything which I want to remember for life.

In electrical, we talk a lot about positive terminal, negative terminal, potential difference, direction of current, and direction of electrons, resistance and what not. Let’s see, how our Bollywood movies represent electrical engineering.

In a typical Bollywood film, there is this Hero, Shahrukh Khan (A Positive terminal or pole), who is always attracted to this heroine called Kajol (A Negative terminal or pole). And as you know, guys always run behind girls. Just like that Shahrukh was always running behind Kajol. Yes, you can see lots of movies of them, K3G, KKHH, DTPH, DDLJ and many more. If you’re a movie freak, you’ll understand what I mean when I say K3G.

And here in electrical engineering current flows from positive terminal towards negative terminal.

Now, there are some movies, in which Shahrukh had a one sided affection towards Kajol and Kajol was not at all interested in him. This is doleful one sided affair. And can be found in movies like Anjam, Darr, etc… In case of electrical engineering, Diode represents this one side affection. When Diode is used, current can flow ONLY in one direction. Either Hero loves a Heroine OR Heroine loves a Hero. No two sided traffic is allowed.

However, there were some movies like Sapaney (at that time called as Right Angled Triangle of Love) and Duniya Dilwalon Ki (at that time known as Equilateral Triangle of Love), which has one heroine and two heroes chasing her. No wonder, I find the similarities in Transistor, which is a three terminal (P-N-P) device. And may be sometime N (heroine in this case) more infatuated with left P (Prabhudeva) or sometimes left P (Arvind Swami).

Now, in typical Bollywood film, there is villain, ladaki ka baap. Yes, girl’s father is always against the love life of these kids. In electrical engineering we have same effect called Resistance, which actually resists OR opposes the flow of current i.e. from hero chasing his dream girl or vice a versa.

Now, there are some effects of electric current. These effects are magnetic effect and heating effect. Well, as hero and heroine are attracted towards each other, represents the magnetic effect of their current, oops, should I say love? And for heating effect, I better close my mouth over here and give you an opportunity to think about. And build more concepts from here. :P

Seriously, my funda is if you want to learn something, you need to make it look like with your daily life. Or at least with the things you enjoay, may be its food, movies, whatever you enjoy the most. Just like I made this resemblance of Bollywood and Electrical, I’ve another analogy of Microsoft .NET framework and hotel industry. You can check it out in my previous posts.

You need to make it weird; you need to make it simple. This will help you to clear your concepts and understand the things more transparently. Mugging up is not the solution.

I hope you enjoyed it.


Mayur Tendulkar

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Mayur Tendulkar

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9 thoughts on “Must Read Guest Post – Electrical Concepts in Bollywood”

  1. Heyy. Another great post.. wow..
    keep it up dude..

    infact take these electrical concepts and analogies and try making a short film(an electrical circuit board in this case) in how all these things fit together. :-)


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